Explore Israel’s Hidden Treasures: From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

Israel has unmissable places like Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, but there are places full of mysticism that will allow you to discover the history and culture of the country, opening the way to new places just as interesting as its traditional tourist jewels.

Today we are talking about these very special places that you cannot miss on your trip to Israel, it is like entering the most intimate part of the country and seeing that after this tour you will want to start planning your next trip to these four unmissable places to visit in Israel.

Hula Valley, Free Flying Bird Center

Hula Valley - Tourist Israel
Photo Credit: touristisrael.com

Located in the far north of Israel’s Upper Galilee, the Hula Nature Reserve is both a national park and an important wetland within the Middle East region. The reserve is home to all kinds of flora and fauna. It is an excellent place for hiking. Also, it is by far the best place in Israel for bird watching, as it is located directly on the Europe-Africa migration route.

Within the reserve, more than 200 species of birds can be observed, including pelicans, cormorants, egrets, storks, and cranes. The newly developed Agamon Hula is the result of flooding in the area in the 1990s, meaning that in the spring and fall visitors can see thousands of birds flying overhead; in fact, keen ornithologists have established an annual Bird Festival there, each year thousands of visitors come to this fantastic location to take part in the Hula Valley Avian Festival.

Hula is also home to a garden refuge for rare plants like white water lilies and paper rushes and restores other endangered species, before returning them to the wild.

Because the Hula Valley has so much water, with so many springs and large rivers, it is green all year long. Visitors can hike and bike here and, in the summer, go kayaking on the Jordan River.

Zikhron Ya’akov, the paradise of wine

An Israeli wine guide to Zichron Ya'akov
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Famous especially for its wineries, cafes, and spas, you will find it 35 kilometers from Haifa. In the municipality of Zikhron Ya’akov; in it, you will find a treasure and a type of tourism that few have explored in Israel: wine tourism. Learn about the area’s long winemaking history and ideal grape-growing climate and visit several boutique wineries. Tour the production facilities, admire the vineyards, and enjoy relaxed wine tastings at each estate. Here is the Carmel Winery, considered the largest in the Mediterranean area.

Shoham, full of green spaces

1,600 homes approved for Shoham - Globes
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Shoham is a young, thriving, and futuristic city. It is located in the heart of the country, this destination is located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, in the Central District of Israel. We are talking about a small town where you can find important archaeological remains, a Byzantine church that highlights a well-preserved mosaic, and green areas in which local flora and fauna abound. Enjoy unforgettable sunsets in any of its parks. It is excellently conservated and public access is possible due to the constant care of a group of volunteers who keep it active.

Archaeologists estimate that the Roman-Byzantine era was the period of true progress of the place, until its development today. For what we will find vestiges of agricultural facilities, catacombs from different periods, stone engravings, and mosaics, tell the story of an important settlement, located in Jurbat Tanshemet in the vicinity of Shoham, which was protected by Tiha, the Roman goddess of good luck. In addition, on the municipal boundaries of Shoham, on the banks of the Arif stream, you can see the remains of the railway from the Ottoman era.

Mitzpe Ramon feels like another world.

Now we move to the Southern District of the country to enjoy this tourist destination in the Negev desert. It is one of the most popular areas in the southern part of Israel due to its spectacular erosion crater known as Makhtesh. This is the largest of its kind in the world and was formed naturally millions of years ago.

Regardless of the fact that its population is only about 5,300 inhabitants, this place is unique due to its own rocky cavity that makes it ideal for those travelers who like extreme activities between long walks or rappelling.

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