Revenue Management

At EVB we are experts in providing advice to hotels and businesses in more than 30 countries, from Canada to Patagonia. 

Revenue Management Services

Every property is unique, and areas of strength and opportunities​

We perform a sales review to determine if your hotel is correctly positioned in the market, if your pricing strategy is appropriate, and if automatic rate changes are set up correctly. In addition, we have best practices for negotiating corporate accounts and determining how to properly position them for price, value-added benefits, and free availability.

Business Travel Solutions

Together we’ll make it

Are you looking for the perfect place for your team to meet? Or do you need a solution that allows you to talk business and have fun during your sessions? Maybe you want to reward your team for a job well done… we have the ideal application for you.
We have adequate rooms for the work team with WiFi and all services, located in the world’s most relaxing and fun places.

Best Deals

Stay at Premium Locations

Competitive Rates

Reduce your company’s business travel expenditure by saving money vs booking with hotel. Take advantage of our corporate rates & personalized services for our clients.

Best places

Seamless booking process enables access to more than 700k destinations worldwide. You and your team can stay at premium locations with high-speed internet and all needed services.

Great Services

We provide you with exceptional customer service while reducing your company’s overall travel spending. From a ready to go travel to a customized and dedicated approach, our solutions vary but always our high-quality service remains.

Reduce company and travel risk while providing a better experience for travelers.

Simple Booking Process

Quote the location quickly and quickly through our specialized advisers in companies.

In today's competitive environment, it's important to make the most of your hotel assets and offer your guests the benefits of staying at your property compared to the competition. Don't leave money on the table and make sure your business is properly positioned in the market.
Contact us today and let us help you succeed!

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We assist you to find the best place for your business trip.

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