Rose Parade in Pasadena

The Tournament of Roses Parade is held annually in the United States on New Year’s Day, January 1. But, if that day falls on a Sunday, it will be celebrated on the following Monday, that is, on January 2. Currently, it is the most popular parade in the United States, being held for the first time in 1980.

It is one of the ways to start the year in a colorful way, each year the president chooses a different theme to be the axis of the decorations of the cars that are going to parade, this 2023 the motto is: “Turning the Corner”.

To understand the magnitude of this parade let’s take a look at the history, the myths, and the recommendations to attend. Many floats decorated with flowers of all colors are exhibited along the main streets of Pasadena, where it is common to have music and choreography to liven up the journey. In addition to the exhibition of thousands of flowers, since 1923, after the route, an American football game has been played between the country’s two most important university teams.

Rose Parade anticipation builds; sidewalk spots up for grabs

The Tournament has changed drastically since its inception. Originally, the members of the Hunting Club, who were longtime residents of the East Coast and the Midwest of the United States, celebrated the good weather of California with a Tournament, but decided to honor the flowers that grew there in a different way, They thus created the largest parade in the United States with the aim of having participants decorate their carriages with colorful flowers to show they bloom when other states suffer from the cold.

A curious fact is that it has only been interrupted once since World War II, it was in 2021 due to the pandemic.

In its beginnings, the parade was with horse carriages decorated with flowers. It has evolved over the years, turning the festival into a showcase of creativity, talent, and technology. Over the years, the event grew to become an international attraction.

The annual college football game known as the “Rose Bowl” is a meeting that is held on New Year’s Day at the Stadium of the same name and the parade is held at the end. It is known as “The granddaddy of them all”, for being the oldest and most prestigious.

2023 Rose Parade—Spectator Guide | Visit Pasadena

Being the most popular, going to see it live and direct can be complicated, but if you want to attend we share some tips:

  • Anticipate the purchase of your tickets at: as they sell out very quickly. Prices range from $55 to $100.
  • The parade route is 5.5 miles, which begins at the corner of Green Street and Orange Grove Boulevard, then turns onto Colorado Boulevard, the street where most of the parade takes place.
  • It is also possible to see the parade in the streets, but you will have to arrive a day before since people usually camp to have a good place to enjoy the show.
  • Take into account that the streets are closed for security, so take precautions.

The Rose Parade is an explosion of color, joy and happiness that not only stays in the country, but it also reaches all corners of the world. A tradition that, even though the years go by and there are difficulties, is always carried out beautifully. Would you like to visit it?

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