Our pets are family members and as such we want them to be part of our travel adventures; but, do we know what we need? What are the requirements of our country and the country to which we wish to travel? Does our pet meet the conditions required by the agencies in charge on this regard? Can my cat or dog travel with me in the passenger cabin of the plane? What do I need for my pet to be safe on a flight?

No worries, we will be able to guide you in a general way on this subject, since each country has its regulations, as well as each airline; but without any concern, I tell you that they are very similar, you will only have to get advice on what your country and the country you are traveling to asks for, as well as the airline you choose.

You must meet certain requirements that will help you guarantee the health of your pet as well as the other animals in the country or city that you arrive.

In general, the requirements can be the following: you will have to present a document that certifies that your pet is healthy and that it complies with its current vaccinations; possibly it will have to come on the letterhead of an authorized veterinarian for this procedure. If you comply with everything that the health agency of your country asks you, they will give you an import and export certificate for your pet.

Having all this paperwork that will help your pet travel safely and enter the country of your chosen vacation, it is time to check what the airlines offer you, as well as their conditions so that the trip is not a torture for your pet.

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In general, we will tell you what you can find about it, but remember that you must consult this information to make it accurate:

Your pet can travel in the passenger cabin

  • Only for dogs and cats (some airlines accept birds).
  • The allowed weight can be between 7 kg to 15 kg including the carrier (kennel).
  • The carrier material must be rigid to semi-rigid, taking into account that it will travel under the seat or in front and always inside the carrier.
  • The flights should be approximately no longer than six hours.
  • The minimum age of the pet must be more than eight weeks old.

Your pet can travel in the luggage cabin

  • It is for dogs and cats.
  • The allowable weight varies from 9 kg to 45 kg, including the carrier.
  • The transporter must comply with the specifications of the regulations for the Transport of Live Animals.
  • The dimensions of the container must allow the pet to move, stand and lie down without difficulty.
  • Our pet must be over eight weeks old.

Remember that these are general data and that each airline has its own regulations on this regard.

You should also research if the country you are traveling to has any restrictions on other countries, since sometimes they do not allow to entry if you come from a country with rabies risks.

If you have all the conditions in favor and meet all the requirements, the only thing left is to enjoy your vacation.

Adventure with your furry friend!

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