Activities that you cannot miss in Sayulita. Magical Town

Enjoy the Riviera Nayarit and the magical town of Sayulita, an ideal destination for tourists looking for great adventures. Incredible places and the best activities that you cannot miss; like, touring the wonderful beaches, surfing, camping, or enjoying the gastronomy. 

Learn about this amazing site and prepare for your next trip.

Learn to surf

Sayulita is considered one of the best places to surf due to its impeccable beach and its virtuous waves, here you can spend hours practicing in the warm climate of the place. In addition, for beginners, there are also classes with highly experienced teachers so you can learn and enjoy the waves of the sea. Undoubtedly one of the main attractions for surf lovers.

Whale and dolphin watching

Dolphin and whale watching is one of the must-do activities in Sayulita that you cannot miss.
One of the main tourist attractions are the humpback whales, which appear every winter during their annual migration, since in this part of the country the warm waters are optimal for their reproduction. In addition to being able to see other impressive species, including Byrde’s whales, gray whales, and killer whales.

Visit the beach of the dead

This beach gets its name because to get to it you must go through the local cemetery. A beach with much calmer waves that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sun. You can also snorkel and spot some colorful fish of the fauna of this town.

Get to know the Marietas Islands

The Marietas Islands are part of a protected natural area, so you must hire a tour to visit them; this to protect the deterioration and preserve this wonderful ecosystem. But you can enjoy its crystal-clear waters, its warm white sand and its beautiful islets, of course you cannot forget to visit this place.

Live the adrenaline of its ecotourism Parks

The Mi Chaparrita ranch has a wide variety of activities for those people who enjoy adrenaline. Launch yourself from different heights through the zip lines that allow you to feel the wind and admire the landscape of the coast and its horizons. The ATV and horseback tours cannot be missed, get to know, and explore the magical town of Sayulita in a different way without leaving the fun aside.
You can also visit the Cerro del Mono and practice hiking, in this part you will be able to appreciate the great panoramic view towards the Town and towards the Pacific Coast, the best postcard for your photographs of the trip.

Tour the Magical Town of Sayulita

The magical town of Sayulita is waiting for you! A tropical paradise that you cannot miss, visit Sayulita and live a unique experience for you and your whole family. 

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