Business trips are essential, even knowing that technology has brought us closer virtually, person-to-person appointments will always be more effective. Most companies, independents, entrepreneurs, etc. they prefer to have personal interaction because body language has a greater influence on communication and that can be of great help in our business meetings.

We also take into consideration that, to expand our network of contacts, tools such as attending conferences, exhibitions, conventions, events and meetings with our activity will always be a very good alternative in our businesses.

If this business trip is in the country itself in a nearby city, you can make the decision to make the trip by car, either your own or rented.

Here are some tips to make this trip effective, successful and enjoyable.

1. – Own or rented car.

To decide which is the best option will depend on the budget you have or want to invest.

If you decide to travel in the car that you own, you must ensure that it is in good mechanical condition to avoid problems on the road, the tires, their spare parts, anti-reflective coatings, jack and tools to the point. Not forgetting that you also have car insurance.

For some, the decision to rent a car may be better and even cheaper; they will evaluate it depending on their own conditions. But if in the end you choose this route, we recommend that you do an investigation of all the companies in the market and analyze their proposals. Preferably choose the most solid proposal and with the most guarantees so that you do not have setbacks on your trip.

2. – Plan the road route.

We recommend tracing the route of the highway that is going to be taken, in an application that tells us the kilometers, the toll booths, lane changes and exits. By doing this we can calculate the cost of the booths, as well as fuel. But it also helps us to calculate our time, plan the stops, whether they are for rest or to buy food.

3.- Book the accommodation.

When we are looking for lodging, it is recommended to choose the one that has a good location, that it is strategic. To make it easier for us to move between the places where work appointments will take place and to make it easier for us to visit tourist sites of our interest. It is important to make the reservation in advance.

4. – The itinerary of our appointments.

To effectively take advantage of the time of this trip, the ideal is that after having made our appointments and confirmed (confirm in writing one or two days before) make a work plan and organize times, routes, distances and parking. For this we can help ourselves with applications such as Google Maps and agendas. We recommend taking the times intelligently, giving space between appointments to be able to rest and not rush to the next one.

5. – Luggage.

Luggage must be light; that is, pack two to three changes of clothes depending on the days for the trip. Make sure that these garments are combinable with each other and made of fabrics that do not wrinkle easily. If you take into account the weather, it is even better, so we recommend checking the weather forecasts to have a better choice of clothing to wear. Regarding personal care products, to optimize space and avoid spills, it is best to buy small containers designed for this that are already on the market.

Pack in advance all the documents that will be used in the interviews, as well as promotional products for potential clients or current clients, if applicable. Don’t forget the chargers for your devices.

Let’s leave a free space in our agenda! Let’s not forget this advice when planning the trip. Occupying our time in business is important, however, taking care of the human capital of a company is no less important. Resting physically and mentally when on business trips is just as important as the business itself. So let’s take some time and enjoy the moment!

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