Benefits of Traveling for Mental Health

Many people like to travel, get to know the world and enjoy a few days of disconnection, adventures, novelties… What are the benefits of taking a trip?

When we talk about traveling, we are not only referring to taking a flight to the other side of the world, but also to going away for a weekend with friends or family to disconnect from the daily routine. Regardless of whether you are with a backpack or with large suitcases; by truck, bicycle or plane. Nor is it necessary to cross the seas or tour an entire country, it is the fact of traveling that will make it enriching and beneficial.

Traveling, wherever it is, helps to broaden the mind, knowledge and have other perspectives of things; and it is that traveling is one of the greatest sources of well-being and personal growth, and all this begins to ignite from the moment it is planned.

We will tell about some of the benefits generated by taking the suitcase and going out, to know and to let the world amaze you and grow as a person in many aspects.

Are you ready?

  • It will make you happy. Traveling brings long-term happiness; Says a study from Cornel University in the United States (2013), which according to the monitoring they maintained on social networks, showed that people wrote more words associated with happiness and enjoyment.
    That easy! From the moment a trip is planned, you feel more control over your life. Being in a city or country different from yours allows you to feel more competent and your vision of the world is freed from limits making your problems look smaller.
  • You get rid of stress and anxiety. Traveling and venturing to new places, let’s you manage to disconnect from everyday life, from problems and obligations to connect with your inner self, with new places and people. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), vacations benefit mental health, since they take us away from the sources that generate stress and reduce anxiety. Your mind clears, focuses on the present and enjoying the moments during the trip.
  • You develop the ability to socialize. If you usually suffer from shyness, then the best cure to leave it at home is traveling. Social relationships are essential in our lives, but traveling and having contact with new people and the need to communicate with locals and tourists will make us develop our communication skills.
  • Fears and insecurities go away. Fear paralyzes us and many times we are not aware that behind fears can be the best moments. When traveling you will find possible fears and you will learn to relativize them and face them to overcome them.
  • Favors your brain. You are right! A simple trip helps us create new brain connections, this happens when we are faced with novelty, variety and challenge. When you experience a trip you have to adapt to a new reality, open up to new panoramas, discover experiences, landscapes, sensations, languages, cultures, etc. Stimulating the brain, making it more creative and increasing its ability to solve problems. All of the above is supported by studies carried out by the Spanish Society of Neurology.
  • Helps you broaden your mind. Have another vision of society. By knowing new places, it allows you to discover new ways of seeing life. With each new destination you leave your comfort zone and connect with other stories, people and cultures, your abilities to be more flexible and respectful increase thanks to knowing the day-to-day of others in a different way.
  • You learn to know yourself better. Traveling roads, cities, countries, continents or seas makes you rethink your own path in life and open yourself to new possibilities. When you get to know new places you explore your inner self, it can help you give a new approach to life, discovering things that you may not have known you liked and it gives you another perspective of who you are and what you want in life.

Traveling is a constant learning, both of what you have around you, of the people you meet, and of yourself. And although it is clear that when someone travels for a long time and to totally different places, with a different culture, another religion and other customs, they grow a lot inside, taking short and close trips also brings many benefits to your well-being.

Therefore, do not miss out even in the least to be able to escape and venture into worlds that await you ready to be part of your life and your new experiences.

Go out and discover the world and share your happiness in doing so!

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