Touring Cádiz (Part II)

The first part of the tour has already been very pleasant, full of buildings and spaces full of history and images, let’s continue discovering the pearl of the Andalusian coast, Cadiz. But first remember that EVB opens Spain as a new destination and it would be very good to launch it, reserving in this unparalleled destination.

The Castle of San Sebastian and the Castle of Santa Catalina

Castillo de San Sebastián - La Costa de Cádiz
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The Castle of San Sebastian is located at one end of the Caleta beach, in front of the Castle of Santa Catalina, on a small island from which the northern front of the city of Cadiz is protected. The Castle of San Sebastian is connected to the land by a boardwalk. In the year 1457, a Venetian ship took refuge on the island due to a plague epidemic, they rebuilt the tower and built a hermitage dedicated to San Sebastian. In this place, the arms of the city of Venice were carved in recognition of the hospitality of Cadiz. Bordering the coast you arrive at the Castel de Santa Catalina, a fortification built in the 17th century on some rock cliffs that enter the sea, and which has become one of the best places to visit in Cadiz for free. Located at one end of the popular La Caleta beach, this modern star-shaped fortification protects the northwest front from pirate attacks, although it was later used as a military prison. Currently you can visit the castle that houses a cultural space with different exhibitions on the history of Cadiz, different workshops, and craft shops.

La Viña neighborhood, where vines were grown in the past.

El Barrio de la Viña, en Cádiz
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Another neighborhood that is worth visiting and more so during carnivals is La Viña, each of its streets become an audiovisual spectacle without equal in the whole world. But the day-to-day in the neighborhood has a special charm; stroll through the narrow streets, with white houses decorated with flowers and balconies, its people, the joy, and light that is breathed. Of maritime origin, this beautiful neighborhood falls in love with its narrow streets and traditional Cadiz houses, as well as an excellent gastronomic offer in which quality fish and meat predominate. The name “Viña” is given to it because this site was where the vines were cultivated in the past; some of the most emblematic places not to be missed, such as the church of La Virgen de La Palma, Plaza Pinto, the Baluarte de los Mártires, the street of La Palma and the Old Provincial Hospice.

Libertad Square and Las Flores Square.

Plaza de las Flores, Cádiz - Travel Guía
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Now we’ve come to Libertad Square that occupies the plot of the garden of the convent of the “descalzos”; This is a large central space with two market pavilions designed by Juan Talavera, in it is the Central Market of Cadiz that you should add to your list and think about eating there too. Likewise, we will find the Correos Building very close, which is a building with four facades that is located in Las Flores Square, in a regionalist style with some modernist nuances, Las Flores or Topete Square is a beautiful and small  triangular space with great charm, there are shops and terraces where you can have a drink, although its main gastronomic attraction is the fried fish from Freiduria las Flores, one of the most famous in Cadiz.

The Tavira Tower, the best viewpoint in the city

Torre Tavira, Cádiz en 360º - Opinión, consejos, guía de viaje y más!
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Recalling the commercial past of Cadiz, we arrive at the Tavira Tower, a site that has become the best viewpoint in the city and another of the essential places to visit in Cadiz. Located inside the palace house of the Marquises of Recaño, this tower is one of more than 100 scattered throughout the city, which recall the commercial past with the Indies, when it was a strategic port and merchants needed to control the arrival of ships full of valuable merchandise, climbing in their own towers.

Falla Theatre, a must.

Gran Teatro Falla, Cadíz | Puedo Viajar
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Continuing along Sacramento Street you will arrive in a few minutes at the great Falla Theater, which owes the name to the city’s favorite son, Manuel de Falla, which is another of the most interesting places to see in Cadiz. This Neo-Mudejar style building, located in the Fragela Square in front of the Casa de las Viudas, impresses with a red brick facade with three large doors with a horseshoe arch. During the month of February, the famous Contest of Cadiz Carnival Groups is held, which with art and occurrences amuse more than 1,200 spectators.

Park Genoves, one of the most beautiful urban parks in Spain.

Parque Genovés. Conoce el gran pulmón verde de Cádiz
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After touring a part of the city, you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the center and relax by taking a pleasant walk through Genoves Park. In this historical garden, perfectly maintained and located by the sea, you will find up to 100 different species of trees and shrubs, and a small lake with a waterfall known as La Gruta.

Plaza España, an important space for all of Spain

PLAZA DE ESPAÑA | Guía de Cádiz
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Since the constitution of 1812 was signed in this city, you should walk to the España Square, which was built on land reclaimed from the sea, separated from the Gardens of Canalejas by the Old Customs building (today, the Provincial Council of Gaditana), has a rhomboid shape, in the center stands the commemorative monument of the constitution of 1812. In the square you will also find the Casa de las Cinco Torres, an example of the last Baroque in Cadiz, or the old Customs Palace, which today is the Council Palace, neoclassical in style.

It is a perfect place to continue your day. Almost to finish, we visited the Mina Square. It contains some ornamental and monumental trees in its various divisions and flower beds. It is part of the historic gardens of Cadiz. Among the most representative buildings in Mina Square are the Cadiz Museum and Casa Pinillos.

The beaches of Cadiz, do not leave without visiting them.

Playa Santa María del Mar. Cádiz | Guía de Cádiz
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Cadiz, a tiny, flirtatious city and almost completely surrounded by the sea. We tell you that four beaches that extend along 7.2 kilometers of coastline offer sun lounger services, all kinds of sports and morning exercises, services, rescue, and little restaurants at the foot of the beach. Each of them has its peculiarities and charms. La Caleta, the smallest and most beautiful, the most sought after by tourists for its impressive sunsets, and the most saturated due to its short length, about 450 meters.

Santa Maria, the beach of surfers, one of the most beautiful beaches due to its geography, with two breakwaters cradling the only urban cove in this city and the smallest of all, with 900 meters. La Victoria, the largest and best equipped, 2,500 meters of fine, blond sand that begins where Santa Maria ends and Cortadura begins. It has the most complete offer in the service sector. La Cortadura, the wildest and most natural due to its singular system of dunes, as well as the most extensive, with 3.9 kilometers of fine, golden sand. As it is already outside the urban area, it is the least crowded of all.

A complete trip offers us this destination that we have to visit at least once in our lives, to arrive nourished by beauty, adventure, history, culture and more.

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