Four beautiful places close to Mexico City to practice Team Building:


Xochitepec, Tequesquitengo, Valle de Bravo y Acapulco

We are interested in that companies within Mexico City (CDMX) and surroundings can have a good experience; we offer these sites that, taking advantage of the proximity, can enjoy the climate, nature and tranquility to carry out their Team Building.

Taking your work team beyond the office, to carry out joint activities to allow them to live new experiences and interact with their colleagues outside the workplace, will improve productivity and work environment with good results.

We suggest the following destinations:

Xochitepec Morelos

It has an enviable climate thanks to its proximity to the city of eternal spring; it is located to the west of the state of Morelos. Its name comes from Nahuatl and means “The Hill of Flowers”.

In this town we can find spas with hot springs and camping areas such as “El Campestre de Xochitepec” which is ideal for Team Building, since it offers us direct contact with nature. There is also the spa “Palo Bolero” and “San Ramón”.

This magical town also nourishes us with a unique experience with its historical buildings such as the former convent of San Juan Bautista in Xochitepec, the temple of San Antonio de Padua in Chiconcuac, San Bartolo Atlacholoaya and the Purísima Concepción in Alpuyeca. We cannot fail to mention the two former haciendas that are part of the historical and architectural context. The former hacienda of Santa Catarina that currently provides services for events and the former hacienda of San Antonio “El Puente” which is a beautiful hotel.

We have two pleasant villas in the area, in the town of Tezoyuca that we put at your service. These villas have open spaces suitable for your activities, a swimming pool and spacious and welcoming facilities to house your work team. In these beautiful villas you have capacity for up to 24 people in each one. Contact us and we assure you a very pleasant stay in this quiet and picturesque town.

For a quick visit we will find an archaeological zone “Cerro de La Flor” very close to Xochicalco, as well as the Chiconcuac Aqueduct.

Tequesquitengo Morelos

 Also in the state of Morelos, we have a town full of attractions for the more adventurous, thanks to the number of water activities that it offers us for being in the vicinity of the lagoon of the same name, as well as the facilities of hotels and beach clubs. It is ideal for a weekend with your work team to live the Team Building experience.

Its location is privileged, thanks to the lagoon, which is one of the best bodies of water that lends itself to many sports, and its ideal climate throughout the year. In the Riviera del Lago we find several beach clubs such as “Playa Mojito”, “Playa Coqueta”, “Playa Linda”, “Marina del sol”, among others.

The hotel offer is also very large, as well as the availability of farms, country houses and villas located in the area. We are very pleased to offer you an incredible and beautiful Villa that is located on the Riviera of the lake, with capacity for 30 people. With 9 rooms with private bathroom in each one of them, 12 bathrooms in total, fully equipped kitchen, BBQ area, living room, dining room, gardens, palapa, pool, jacuzzi, satellite TV and access to the lake, without doing less its relaxing and beautiful views.

To take a short break in its vicinity we find the “Jardines de México” which is a theme park that has seven different gardens and a labyrinth where a large number of flowers and plants are exhibited, and the archaeological zone of “Xochicalco” which is considered one of the most great importance in the country.

Valle de Bravo

A destination well known by the inhabitants of CDMX and also chosen to spend the weekends. Located in the State of Mexico, it receives the well-deserved title of Pueblo Mágico. Nestled between a wooded area and framed by the enormous crescent-shaped body of water (Miguel Alemán Dam), its beauty and invitation to experience it are unique.

This town has everything for a great weekend away from the stress of the city and once installed, enjoy the tranquility that flows to invite you to create all the activities for the members of your team. Imagination is the limit because the place offers us activities on land, water and air.

We have a property that can be lent for the needs of your work group. It is a beautiful condominium house, with five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, equipped so that you can enjoy a pleasant stay, in addition, it has a beautiful terrace with a view of the lake and a roof garden with a Jacuzzi, bathroom and lounge chairs, so that you can relax and fall in love with the magical sunsets that this destination has. This house has an incredible location in “La Lagartija” five minutes from the center of Avándaro and 10 minutes from Valle.

 For a getaway, you can visit the town and walk its streets full of colonial architecture, restaurants, cafes, and bars. Complement the walk with the Chapel of Santa María and its Black Christ, the Archaeological Museum.

In the dam you can navigate by kayak, water skis, sailboat or catamaran. And if in the plans is to be filled with adrenaline, there is an activity that has made Valle de Bravo famous and that is paragliding. The geography gives us the possibility of hiking in the forest or visiting the Velo de Novia and La del Molino waterfalls.


This is the most loved and preferred beach destination by people from CDMX, due to its history, proximity and its beaches, without leaving aside its climate and everything it can offer us. As a company, it can be one of the best places you can choose when you schedule your Team Building.

It is well known for the large number of hotels, houses and apartments that can accommodate us for our predetermined activity, knowing that Acapulco is much more. Its beaches of the Mexican Pacific so diverse and paradisiacal that they offer us from those virgin and remote, to the most desired to bathe in the sea. Its nights full of dynamism, brightness and invitation to fun. Acapulco is a paradise!

 We show you a beautiful and luxurious apartment for small groups that want to integrate into the improvement activity for the company. Taking everything that the destination offers us, as well as the facilities of this space that we can offer you. Enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in Acapulco and the world famous views of the bay in the best luxury condominium.

Located next to Las Brisas and built right in front of the sea. Spacious four bedrooms, four bathrooms, private Jacuzzi and bar in the open plan living-dining area. Includes: cooking and cleaning service. The building has three pools, a jacuzzi, a private sea pool, bar service, billiards, hammocks, Ping-Pong table and private dock. Secluded property with 24 hour security.

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