Guide to Planning a Graduation Trip

A graduation trip is an experience that will remain in the memory of those who graduate, so it should not be taken lightly. This trip represents the achievement of years of study and for that, it should be celebrated in a big way, along with those who shared all those student stories.

Organizing a graduation trip is a rewarding challenge, since all graduates must decide the destination, accommodation, activities, among other things. We know that it can be a complicated task and we want to prevent it from becoming a bad experience. For this reason, we offer you this small guide so that you can orient yourself and, in the end, enjoy an unforgettable trip.

Choose a Travel Planner

This one will be in charge of leading the project and helping to plan the graduation trip with all its details. They will be responsible for the budget, the collection of information, the price of different options, the reservations, among other tasks. However, this does not mean that he / she will do everything, since he / she will be able to assign responsibilities to different people, collect and manage the information and actions of each one.

Advance planning and reservations

Ideally, this planning should be carried out one or two months before the graduation trip. This will make it possible to book the hotels that best suit the needs of the group, as well as the plane tickets or the chosen means of transport, without forgetting the restaurants and activities to be carried out.

Choice of destination

It is very important to know what they want and where they would like to travel. Since it is a graduation trip and a celebration for young people, we recommend you consider beach destinations. The final choice will depend on the group and their preferences.

Choice of dates for the trip

Typically, It is best traveling during the summer, right after graduating from college. Remember to take the second point into account, which is crucial if you want to travel in high season. It is important to plan and book in advance. An alternative option is to travel in low season, which can help reduce costs in some destinations.


The choice of transport will also depend on the destination. If you are traveling close to your location, you will just have to decide based on cost and safety. You can also consider quoting bus lines and even renting one. However, if the destination is another country, you should investigate the available options and their costs.

ISIC – Discount card

The International Student Identification Card (ISIC) is a UNESCO recognized card that identifies you as a student worldwide. With it, you can get discounts on accommodation, museums, travel insurance, among others. Processing it in time could help you save on some expenses during the graduation trip.


It never hurts to take out travel insurance for the whole group. They may not get to use it, but just having it will bring peace of mind. In case of any mishap, having insurance can be of great help.

Schedule of activities

Ideally, you should have a previous agenda chosen by everyone that includes all their activities, as it will help you enjoy the graduation trip more, and not have wasted time and have more and new experiences. These activities should include the whole group.

Advice from a professional

Looking for a professional like us and having an agency accompany you will really take away your headaches, as well as adding the safety factor. With our accommodation service, we guarantee comfortable and satisfactory stays during your trip. We will work together to find the best lodging options, taking into account your budget and preferences. Thus, you will be able to enjoy you graduation trip without worrying about logistical details and resting in cozy and appropriate places for your group.

We are committed to making your graduation trip an unforgettable experience and we would love to be a part of it and show you why EVB Rocks.

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