Madeira Island

An incentive travel destination and Team Building.

Madeira is the main island of the Madeira Archipielago, also called “The Pearl of the Atlantic”. Its origin is volcanic, which gives it an exuberant landscape that invites us to live many adventures and enriching experiences. Madeira is the perfect place to rest and work for your next event for a work team or collaborators.

EVBrocks can plan activities to improve the interpersonal relationship and performance of your work team taking advantage of what the nature of the place offers us, adventures such as:

1.- Hiking with such iconic routes with different degrees of difficulty in which you can travel from Vereda Do Areeiro, El Pico Ruívo, El Paso La Encumeada or El Camino Real Do Manto.

These paths are accompanied by the diverse landscapes that the island offers us, such as its mountainous massif, vegetation and flora, tunnels, ecological parks such as La Funcha and towns. An ideal activity to work on issues of leadership, performance, coaching, etc.

2.- All-terrain bicycle or 4×4 motorcycles, which travel through canals, irregular dirt roads inside the Madeira Forest.

3.- Canyoning, This activity aimed at lovers of adrenaline, you can carry out exploring the Riviera.

4.- Climbing, taking advantage of the rugged landscape of the area of ​​volcanic origin, the most adventurous who love to enjoy the cliffs of the archipelago, this would be an ideal activity.

5.- Excursions around the archipelago. We can do this activity by bus and simply enjoy a calm and relaxing walk nourished by the landscapes that the island offers us.

6.- Of course, we cannot leave behind activities in Hang Gliding and Paragliding and Body Board.

But if you want to give your collaborators incentives to further motivate their performance, this destination also offers us activities such as:

Diving, dolphin and whale watching, boat trips through the archipelago, and sport fishing, since we are within migratory routes with several species, as well as tuna, Stand Up Paddle along the coastal limit and Surf since the island is known as the “Hawaii of the Atlantic”.

With the wealth of activities that we have, we can put together a package that your collaborators deserve.

Madeira Island is such a complete destination that you can combine action and adventure with culture and rest, since this destination has several museums such as:

  • Casa Museo Federico de Freitos
  • Casa Museo Cristóbal Colon
  • Museo de Arte Moderno
  • Museo de Arte Sacro
  • Museo de la Ballena
  • Museo del Bordado y la Artesanía

Without a doubt, knowing and enjoying the typical food of Madeira is also an experience that you should not miss. Its main attraction is its variety of fresh seafood, typical of the island itself, accompanied by tropical fruits and the majestic Madeira wine. The traditional cane honey and dried fruit cake served with sweet wine is the perfect dessert to finish pleasing your palate. It also has the San Francisco Madeira wine cellar that offers guided tours.

A walk through the different natural parks and gardens that the island offers us can be added to this visit. Or within its traditions you cannot miss the beautiful town of Santana, a traditional place where you can admire the classic architecture of its houses and buildings, as well as discover the stories that the inhabitants of its locality hide.

Similarly, if you are looking for some relaxation time, Funchal, the capital of Madeira, is the best option. Its beautiful botanical garden will leave you impressed with the diversity of flora and landscapes that this place offers.

Points that make this important destination to be considered both as a stimulus to your collaborators, as an activity in the Team Building or simply as a rest vacation.

 The European Best Destination Organization gave the distinction of The Best Beaches in Europe to “Playa de Porto Santo” in first place and “La Playa do Seixa in third” among the 22 best beaches and the vote was made by travelers from all over the world.

 The World Travel Award has recognized it as the best island destination in Europe on six consecutive occasions. Its pleasant climate, panoramic views, sea breezes and fascinating activities are just some of the reasons why Madeira should be the next destination to enjoy with your team.

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