Ten Things to Do in Sayulita: Hidden Paradise of the Riviera Nayarit

Sayulita is a picturesque little town located in the Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, which has been considered a Magic Town since 2015. Its beaches make it a favorite spot for surfers, who describe it as a hippie-chic town for surfers.

Its charming atmosphere attracts all kinds of visitors, from families to sophisticated tourists. Sayulita offers various tourist options, from romantic getaways to spiritual yoga retreats. You can also simply enjoy the atmosphere of the town, strolling through its streets full of life and colorful houses, and contemplate its spectacular sunsets reflected in the waves of the sea, all surrounded by impressive natural landscapes.

A seductive little town

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In the past, this town on the Riviera Nayarit was inhabited by a small community dedicated to collecting coconuts on the Jaltempa hacienda. Now, Sayulita has become the home of both nationals and foreigners, who are attracted by its warm personality. Here you will find a small paradise by the sea, with imposing cliffs, rivers, lagoons, and estuaries, as well as white sand beaches, ideal for international surfing events. Do not forget to witness one of these tournaments or venture to surf its waves.

The climate in Sayulita is tropical, with hot summers and an average annual temperature of 24°C.

What to do in Sayulita?

  • Turtle Camp. Every summer, the olive ridley turtle comes to spawn in this region. The eggs are protected at the Sayulita Tortuguero Camp throughout the year, but especially from October to January when the hatchlings are released. Participate in this ecological and environmental initiative in which both children and adults are involved.
  • The Hill of the Monkey. In recent months, this roughly 1,150-foot (350-meter) peak has gained popularity as a hiking trail among residents and visitors to the region, especially those staying in Punta de Mita and Sayulita area. From here, you can appreciate the beauty of the Pacific in all its splendor.
  • The King’s Pile. This rock archaeological site is located in the state of Nayarit, near the town of Altavista, about an hour from Sayulita. Until today, La Pila del Rey is a ceremonial center of the Huichol culture and a sacred place for them.
  • Beaches: Kestos Malpaso, Muertos and Patzcuarito. These fine sand beaches are ideal for different levels of surfers. Plus, you can swim, kayak, fish, hike, horseback ride, and snorkel. Be sure to visit Los Muertos Beach, which is accessed through a cemetery. This quiet beach has soft, clean sand, perfect for enjoying pleasant moments under the shade of palm trees.
  • Mindfulness. Sayulita has established itself as one of the most complete yoga centers. Here this discipline is taught in various modalities, both for beginners and experienced practitioners.
  • Nightlife. If you love to enjoy the nightlife, you will be happy to know that Sayulita has several dance halls, clubs, and restaurants where you can have fun and spend an unforgettable night in this Magical Town.
  • Art Galleries. You will find galleries and shops where you can buy jewelry, paintings, clothes, crafts, and of course, surfboards. On Fridays, Revolución Street becomes the Mercado del Pueblo, with local and regional organic products; On Sundays, on Las Gaviotas Street, you will find everything from hats and bags to sculptures that complement the offer of the already-established shops.
  • Whale and dolphin watching. During the winter months, large numbers of humpback whales migrate to the Mexican Pacific coast to mate and reproduce. Between December and April, they make spectacular appearances in Banderas Bay. Observe these magnificent animals from Playa Escondida, the pool, or the beach, or get close to them in a boat and watch the dolphins play in the same waters where whales mate and give birth to new generations.
  • Visit the Marietas Islands. Another of the best places to visit in Sayulita is the Marietas Islands. This group of small islands, located off the coast of Sayulita, is an oasis of biodiversity in terms of flora and fauna. Despite their small size, they are home to around 100 species of birds and a large number of marine species that you can observe in a day of snorkeling.

When you visit any destination, you cannot stop trying its gastronomy, since it is part of its culture. Sayulita has a lot to offer in this regard, from typical food to the fusion achieved thanks to the foreign population that has chosen this paradise to make it their home and contribute something of their culture.

This peculiar destination of the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico is within your reach. Come to us to make your reservation and immerse yourself in this charming Mexican corner full of magic.

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