The must-sees of Spain from: La Alhambra in Granada to Park Güell in Barcelona

Today we will talk about Spain, a medieval power in Europe and capital of the great empire where the sun never sets. It is a destination that has everything, from exuberant nature that includes snow-capped peaks to Mediterranean beaches; without leaving behind its cultural richness, which is incredibly great, it has emerged both from the passing of the centuries and from the great diversity of religions that have come to life in the Iberian Peninsula.

It has an endless number of communities and religions that together give life to this country full of traditions that has a lot to offer. There is so much to see and experience in Spain, what a lack of life to go through it; but, with our experience and because it is a destination that we have recently added, we have made for you a list of the must-see places in Spain to take into consideration. Are you ready?

Alhambra in Granada, a marvel left by Islam.

La Alhambra de Granada se puede visitar gratis por el Día Internacional del  Patrimonio Mundial
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Andalusia has a great Muslim legacy that is still present today, a mark on Hispanic culture, especially in architecture. The best example of this is the Alhambra in Granada, one of the places in Spain that you have to visit at least once in your life. It is a group of Nasrid palaces adorned by white marble columns and muqarnas, where sultans once lived. In addition, from there you will see the Sierra Nevada mountains and the city of Granada.

Seville Cathedral, one of the best places to visit.

Seville Cathedral, Seville, Spain -
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It is a fascinating temple due to the history, architecture, and the enormous collection of works of art that it houses. Impressing with its enormous presence, the understated beauty and mystical atmosphere, it has fascinated visitors for centuries. Gothic in style, it is the starting point for El Camino de Santiago. With an artistic heritage, since it has works of art by Murillo, Zurbaran, and many others. Do not forget to visit La Giralda and El Patio de los Naranjos, these are other places full of history and worth visiting.

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the arrival of a path.

A Brief History of the Santiago De Compostela Cathedral
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Built by order of Alfonso II to house the remains of the Apostle, it was erected on the same site as the old church of Antealtares. From the creation of this building the city was born, the construction began in 1075. Located in Santiago de Compostela, capital of Galicia, it is the main cultural center of this Community.

Without forgetting that the Christian pilgrimage of medieval origin culminates here, heading to the tomb of Santiago el Mayor, located in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, called El Camino de Santiago and which has several routes.

Expiatory Temple of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, you cannot miss it.

Sagrada Familia | Description, History, Design, Church, & Facts | Britannica
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It is the most popular temple in Barcelona and the greatest exponent of Gaudi’s modernist architecture. Despite not being finished, it is still one of the places of interest in Spain for its architectural value. The construction began in 1882 and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005. Did you know that the second facade, the one of La Pasion, took 22 years to be build? It started in 1954 and was finished in 1976. They tried to make it as similar as possible to what Gaudi had in mind. The 18 towers are dedicated to important characters from the Bible, and this is reflected in their dimensions: 12 of them represent the apostles, four the evangelists, one for Virgin Mary and the tallest of all Jesus Christ, which will be topped by a cross that will reach 172 meters in height.

Park Güell in Barcelona, a place to dream.

Qué ver en el Parque Güell de Barcelona | Catalonia Hotels & Resorts Blog
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And since we are in Barcelona, we continue with another of the tourist places in Spain that have to be on your list and that Antoni Gaudi also left us: Park Güell. With an extension of more than 17 hectares, Park Güell is covered by wavy shapes, tree-like columns, animal figures and geometric shapes. Most of the surfaces are decorated with mosaics made from bits of colored ceramic.

Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid, one of the most important.

Now we are in the capital of Spain to visit the Prado Museum. With three million annual visitors and an online presence of more than 10 million, getting lost in the galleries is something we recommend you do at least once in your life. Recognized worldwide, you will find Goya’s Black Paintings and Velazquez’s Meninas, among other works of great value that make it one of the best places in Spain to see art.

Segovia aqueduct, a jewel of Roman engineering.

Segovia aqueduct | Description, History, Age, UNESCO, & Facts | Britannica
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In Segovia we have one of the most important monuments in Spain left by Roman engineering. This construction dates from the beginning of the 2nd century, when Vespasian and Trajan were emperors. With the aim of driving the water from the Sierra to Segovia, its 20,400 stone blocks are not joined by any mass or cement and are maintained in a perfect and solid balance of forces. The maximum height of the construction is reached in the Square of Azoguejo with a height of 28.10 m and a total of 167 arches.

Mosque of Cordoba, a charming place.

Places of Worship: La Mezquita-Catedral de Cordoba | Review of Religions
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Also known as the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady ecclesiastically. Together with the Alhambra, they are the most important monuments of Andalusian architecture. Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and Cultural Heritage of Humanity as part of the historic center of the city, and in 2007 it was included among the 12 Treasures of Spain.

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, northern Spain.

Museo Guggenheim Bilbao. Entra y planea tu visita
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Opened in 1997, it was a before and after in the city. When you get closer, you will see “Puppy” guarding the building. I’m talking about an impressive floral dog and one of the best-known works in the city. It is the work of the architect Frank Gehry, and it represents an example of the most avant-garde architecture of the 20th century, which makes it one of the most popular places to visit in Spain.

The Wall of Avila, beauty that imposes.

Muralla de Avila - Walking on the Fortified Walls of Avila, Spain
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It is impossible to visit Avila and not see the majestic Wall of Avila. It is one of the most important buildings in Spain that you must see at least once, and it has even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Example of medieval architecture.

And we could expand with more buildings, monuments, cities, etc. But we have tried to give you the best to visit and include it in the list of your next destinations. Spain is a destination that we are proud to offer you, contact us and make your reservations, do not let it pass you by, we guarantee a very good experience.

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