Many of us want to end the year in a big way and thus make way for the beginning of a New Year, we close and open cycles, we say goodbye to what we have lived, and we welcome the new days and projects that we want to live.

It is a magical celebration lived all over the world; there’s a lot of cities willing to rejoice with a great party on New Year’s Eve, either because of the tourist attractions or because it offers a great show. We chose some of the most recognized around the world to invite you to schedule to close this year in great revelry:

Rio de Janeiro

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This is the second great party in Rio de Janeiro, as we well know the first is Carnival. The New Year’s Eve party is free of charge and is organized on Copacabana Beach and Av. Atlantica, where around three million people gather, arriving early to save their place.

The New Year’s party begins at 8:00 p.m. with live music on the beach with various stages scattered around the place with different groups ranging from samba to rock.

The fireworks explode at midnight, from boats anchored in the port of Copacabana, with a duration of 20 minutes, becoming a great spectacle that is exceeded year after year.

You can live from the beach, the restaurants on Av. Atlantica or on the giant Ferris wheel at Forte Copacabana.

New York

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The most emblematic New Year’s Eve party in the world is lived in this city. Even if the temperature is below freezing, the Big Apple sees off the year shining under the fireworks in Times Square.

1904 is the year in which this celebration began in New York, since the owner of the New York Times organized it for the first time in honor of the new building in the square and from this moment it continues to be done. As a symbol, there is the famous ball that is raised at 6:00 p.m. And it descends in a span of 60 seconds from Times Square, releasing clouds of confetti at the last second.

The night is enlivened by concerts, shows and a festive atmosphere. At midnight the fireworks explode over the city and you can enjoy them from various points in the city such as Central Park, Grand Army Plaza or the Brooklyn Bridge.


Actividades en Dubái: excursiones, visitas guiadas y atracciones | musement

A city of splendor and luxury, it gives us several options to celebrate during New Year’s Eve, from walking through the city or participating in any of the events organized by its large hotels.

One of the most popular places to celebrate is in Downtown Dubai, which is chosen annually by more than a million local people and tourists, since here they will enjoy good fireworks display that is detonated from the Burj Khalifa. But if true glamor is your thing, you can choose to attend one of the private parties organized by large hotels along the beach such as Jumeirah or Dubai Marina.


Guía turística de Sídney

For those who want to keep the memory of having been the first to receive the New Year with images of the fireworks illuminating the bay, being a highly mediated event worldwide. Because it is summer in this part of the hemisphere, you practically ring in the New Year in a swimsuit.

The festivities start when is still daytime with picnics in different parts of the bay, waiting for the midnight feast to say goodbye to the year illuminated by thousands of rockets. Others spend it on boats docked around the Harbor Bridge.

During the wait, the day is enlivened by Air Shows, Fire Tug Water Display (which is a fire-fighting boat that launches large jets of water), Acknowledgment (which is a tribute to the native peoples), Harbor of light Parade (which is a small fleet of boats decorated with lights that cross the bay with the building of the Opera in the background) and ending with Midnight Fireworks.


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It is one of the great protagonists of the most famous fireworks in the world and it occurs in the London Eye, after the chimes of the emblematic Big Ben at midnight. The fireworks show can be enjoyed from Primrose Hill, Alexandra Palace or Vauxhall Bridge, all of them with great views.

On the first of January it is customary to enjoy the parade that goes from Piccadilly to Parliament Street.

Las Vegas

10 cosas que hacer en Las Vegas en un día - ¿Cuáles son los principales  atractivos de Las Vegas?: Go Guides

The end of the year in this restless city is a guarantee with great shows and nightlife.

Being the epicenter of the New Year’s Eve party, Las Vegas Strip makes the biggest celebration outdoors and for free.

Fermont Street is also interesting, with fireworks displays, bands, and a stage with EDM music, acrobats, and dancers.



Now imagine spending New Year’s Eve in the most romantic city next to the Eiffel Tower, it is an image you will never forget. On this date the streets are illuminated with many lights dressing them as a party.

Champs Elysees is disposed to enjoy this night with fireworks at the Arc de Triomphe with everything and the show organized by the town hall where you can enjoy video projections and DJ shows.

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