Why return to Los Cabos?

Made up of Los Cabos San Lucas and San Jose de los Cabos, they are undoubtedly a unique paradise between two seas, also known as “The World’s Largest Aquarium” name given by Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

There are many reasons to return and continue enjoying this destination, from its intense nightlife that contrasts with the peace  of kilometers of desert and secluded beaches. It can be said that it is a multifaceted destination and together with the Riviera Maya, it is also the most appreciated internationally.

The unique beauty of Los Cabos is due to its privileged location, since it is located at the southern end of the Baja California Sur Peninsula, this gives us a mixture of contrasting landscapes such as beautiful beaches with blue waters, rocky deserts, rugged cliffs. and mountains that descend to the sea. This geographical richness invites us to venture into innumerable activities and sports full of adrenaline. The experiences that are lived can be diverse and for different tastes, from the enjoyment of nature, simple relaxation, nightlife, a boat ride, water sports, playing golf or simply enjoying a spa.

Los Cabos makes a getaway really worthwhile, it benefits from its good weather, its friendly people, and the special characteristics of each of Los Cabos and the tourist corridor between them.

Cabo San Lucas Its casual and extroverted atmosphere, full of nightlife, always welcomes you. Its Marina and it’s Bay of San Lucas welcome all sport fishermen and that is why it is called “The Capital of Marlin”. If there is a more photographed place in this place, it is “El Arco”, the rocky shape that has been sculpted by the action of the sea and just marks the end of the earth. Its main beach “El Médano” is ideal for water sports.

San Jose Del Cabo It is located northwest of Cabo San Lucas, just 32 kilometers away. Here you live a colonial, romantic city with a flavor of old charm. It is the quiet area of ​​Los Cabos, the historic center is known to be full of restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, sophisticated bars, live entertainment and all this framed with its architecture.

Between Cabo San Lucas and San José, the so-called Tourist Corridor extends, which is where some of the finest and most unique resorts and hotels on the planet reside, apart from offering many championship golf courses, as well as incredible beaches and bays. It extends for just over 30 kilometers along the seashore, through impressive desert landscapes, including three of the most beautiful bays in Los Cabos, ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving.

Cabo del Este, 120 km southeast of La Paz, and 64 km northeast of Los Cabos International Airport, off Federal Highway #1, begin the waters of Cabo del Este, an area that has attracted sport fishermen for many decades. Coastal lagoons offer an abundance of birds and other wildlife. Ancient cave paintings in the mountains confirm the presence of humans in the area since time immemorial.

The area is ideal for water sports such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and mountain climbing. And we cannot leave aside that, from December to March, it is the best time for whale watching in Los Cabos. During these months the whales give birth to their calves in the warm and calm waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez.

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